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Over 40 years’ experience helping brands discover the
'Power of Illumination'

Whether you are looking to design, install or maintain floodlights; we can help you to find the right solution for you and your customers. Floodlighting and Electrical is an innovative and attentive company, made up of technically and resourcefully skilled teams who our clients trust to deliver on their lighting visions.

Floodlighting and light levels play a key role in the delivery of football across several areas of the game. The right lighting can maximise the quality of the game and allows for more players to get involved. Improving visibility, safety and comfort for players and spectators alike, we can help you to bring your sporting grounds to life.

In July 2020, we became the sponsor of The Football Association of Wales, Southern Ardal League – a regional division made up of 32 clubs. We are relied upon to deliver exceptional lighting solutions at scale. All about the experience, Floodlighting collaborates with sporting clubs to amplify the power of great lighting, contributing to better play for all.

Across Football, we:

Are preferred floodlighting providers for 32 clubs within the Southern Ardal division.
Are preferred LUX level testers for the FAW.
Complete over 150 projects each year for clubs across the UK.
Ensure that our floodlighting meets the necessary standards for safety and performance.
Offer maintenance, replacements and assessment packages all over Wales.
Always find the best lighting solution for minimum light intrusion and maximum coverage.

Official sponsor of The Football Association
of Wales, Southern Ardal League