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Prior to installation we will meet with you and describe the installation process so that you will be aware of time scales and activities. We have our own equipment, such as vehicle mounted mobile elevated working platforms, commonly known as ‘cherry pickers’ and winching equipment for erection of columns on-site.

All our installations are aimed to the manufacturers patterns and are run through tests to achieve optimal lighting results.

Optimise operations

Control the lighting easily to provide light when and where needed

Streamline mainenance with monitoring that shows outages throughout the facility

Reduce energy consumption with energy-efficient LED lighting, scheduling, and controls

Enhance experience

Clear, uniform LED lighting increases comfort and well-being

Improve visibility, safety, and comfort for athletes and spectators

Create a unique ambience to complement various activities with flexible lighting

Improve sustainability

Reduce carbon footprint to support environmental initiatives

Limit light pollution with advanced LED floodlight performance

Increase the opportunity for sports with bright, energy-efficient LED lighting