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Floodlighting and Electrical Announces Exciting Partnership with Welsh Sports Association

Floodlighting and Electrical Announces Exciting Partnership with Welsh Sports Association

Floodlighting and Electrical Announces Exciting Partnership with Welsh Sports Association

Floodlighting and Electrical Services is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Welsh Sports Association (WSA), offering its members industry-leading floodlighting solutions at exclusive rates.

Based in South Wales, Floodlighting and Electrical provide services to sporting clubs, universities, schools, leisure centres, councils, sports stadia, MUGA and more. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge, our expertise, customer service and attention to detail are unmatched.

From grassroots clubs to national stadiums, we have installed and designed floodlighting solutions for a variety of clients including Cardiff Rugby, Caerphilly Tennis Club, Pontypool United RFC, and Wales National Velodrome. We specialise in sports floodlighting design, installation, maintenance, inspection and testing, festive lighting, and bespoke projects.

As the UK’s only SmartGEDi-approved installer for floodlighting, we are committed to excellence, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. We understand how expensive it can be to operate a sports facility, especially with the energy consumption associated with floodlights. With the collaboration of Floodlighting and Electrical Services and SmartGEDi, sports facilities can save up to 85% on energy bills and meet sustainability goals.

Under the agreement, WSA members will be able to take advantage of exclusive rates for our services and products, including significant discounts and free use of the SmartGEDi app for the first year.

Floodlighting and Electrical and SmartGEDi Managing Director, Gareth Thomas, commented:

"We are thrilled that Floodlighting and Electrical Services along with SmartGEDi is an official WSA partner. With over 40 years of experience and expertise in floodlighting installation for sports clubs and facilities, Floodlighting and Electrical are unmatched in knowledge, skill, and customer service.

“As a SmartGEDi-approved installer, we are excited to offer sports facilities with our industry-leading solutions and energy-saving technology.

“We recognise the significant costs associated with operating sports facilities, particularly with floodlights. However, through this partnership, we are committed to helping sports facilities save up to 85% on their energy bills.”

Andrew Howard, CEO of the WSA, added:

“The WSA is committed to developing the resilience and prosperity of the sport and leisure sector in Wales, and we are thrilled to partner with Floodlighting and Electrical to help achieve our aim.

“At the WSA, we are also committed to working innovatively and sustainably. Through our vast membership, we can inspire a collective effort towards a more sustainable sports community in Wales. This partnership has the potential for us to showcase the potential of collaboration and innovation in creating a positive impact for society and the environment through sports.

“We are delighted that this latest partnership will connect our membership base to world-class and cost-effective lighting solutions, enabling them to become stronger and more successful for the future.”