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How floodlights elevate rugby matches

How floodlights elevate rugby matches

How floodlights elevate rugby matches

As the world tunes in to the Rugby World Cup, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how much floodlights can benefit this exhilarating sport. Floodlights do more than just illuminate the playing field - they're also essential for providing unforgettable experiences for players and spectators alike.

There are many benefits of floodlights for rugby so let’s delve in:

Extended playtime and flexibility: Floodlights provide the ability to extend playtime beyond the constraints of daylight. As the dark and wintery nights draw in, rugby players can continue to play and schedule matches without worrying about losing visibility or having to cut games short.

Enhanced visibility and safety: An obvious one we know but floodlights are vital for safety reasons. Without them, it would be difficult for players to see where the ball is and accidents during tackles would be far more likely. Floodlights provide enhanced visibility, lighting up the entire pitch and enabling players to track the ball and their teammates with ease.

Optimal performance and precision: Floodlights also help rugby players and referees to perform to their best abilities. With optimal lighting, players can showcase their skills with precision and referees can make more accurate decisions.

Atmosphere and fan engagement: Let's not forget the impact on the atmosphere during a match! Floodlights help to create a dramatic, intense ambience that elevates the fan experience and adds to the excitement of the game.

Versatility and multi-purpose use: It’s not just about the rugby matches, training sessions are just as important, and floodlights enable players to train during the evening. Floodlights also provide rugby clubs and stadiums the opportunity to make use of their facilities by hosting a wide range of events and activities beyond rugby.

Instant illumination: LED floodlights instantly switch on and off with no warm-up or cool-down delay as associated with metal halide.

Energy efficiency and sustainability: With industry-leading LED floodlights and innovative lighting control systems like SmartGEDi, rugby clubs can save up to 85% on their energy bills while also reducing their environmental impact.

With over 40 years of experience, Floodlighting and Electrical are a preferred lux-level tester for the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) with our expert floodlighting team completing over 100 projects across the UK each year for Rugby Union clubs.

We are proud to have worked with some incredible rugby clubs including Cardiff Blues, Pontypool United RFC, and Ystrad Mynach Centre of Sporting Excellence.

We have been a floodlighting supplier for Cardiff Blues at Cardiff Arms Park for over 30 years, offering expert electrical maintenance and servicing. Our dedication to quality and reliability is unmatched, and we take pride in our long-standing partnerships with our clients. 

At Pontypool United RFC, we not only maintained and repaired their metal halide floodlights but also upgraded their floodlighting system to LED lighting when they received funding. 

Most recently, we installed high-efficiency LED floodlights at the Ystrad Mynach Centre of Sporting Excellence, providing enhanced visibility and energy efficiency to the facility.

So, the next time you're enjoying a rugby match, take a moment to appreciate just how much floodlights can add to the game.

Interested in upgrading your floodlighting system for your rugby pitches? Contact us for a quote and floodlight design by emailing or calling 01443 226009.