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Cardiff Festive Lighting: Case Study

Cardiff Festive Lighting: Case Study

Cardiff Festive Lighting: Case Study

The Background

Floodlighting and Electrical has been brought back to deliver another year of festive lighting displays on behalf of  Cardiff Council. We have more than 25 years' experience in supplying and installing festive lighting, including across street decorations, column decorations or custom built, as well as festoons of all descriptions.

We currently install and maintain Christmas decorations across many locations in Wales, from Fishguard to Cardiff and Brecon to Cowbridge. We work with each of our clients personally, unlike a large corporate business, and work with you to achieve your desired results.

We work closely with Cardiff Council each year to create a magical Winter Wonderland in Cardiff’s city centre. Read more on our work this year here: where the best Christmas lights in Cardiff are here.

The Process 

Cardiff city centre is by far our biggest lighting project, and we start a lot earlier than you may think.

The process begins in July, and although the height of summer may seem too soon to start thinking about Christmas, covering the city in festive lights is an enormous project that requires a lot of testing and planning.

When we first started installing festive lights over twenty years ago, we used rope lighting with tens of thousands of individual golf-ball lamps, which required regular maintenance, were used for the Cardiff Christmas lights. Floodlighting and Electrical have evolved along with technological advances to LED lights which have greater longevity, brightness, and are energy efficiency. These new lights consist of over one million LED lights which will span over twenty-five streets, with the longest running at 1km being installed on St Marys Street and High Street.

We have a variety of lighting solutions at our disposal to bring any idea to life and our assets include all the necessary plant and equipment to install from MEWP'S (cherry pickers) with IPAF trained experienced engineers to pressure testing of anchor points all with suitable certification. As with all festive lighting installations, there are rules and regulations that must be complied with to achieve acceptance from local councils and authorities.

This process takes a grand total of 4 months to complete from start to finish including all the planning, moving, and installing.

The Results

Our dedication and hard work resulted in another successful year of installing Cardiff city centre’s festive lights. This project is always much anticipated by the entire team, it is a pleasure to work along side our local communities to deliver a magical experience to locals and tourists alike.

Floodlighting and Electrical ensured all lights and displays were up and ready for the festivities to begin on November 12th for the opening of Cardiff’s beloved Winter Wonderland. The streets of Cardiff city centre have truly been transformed and are working their magic in spreading Christmas cheer throughout the city. Our LED lighting solution has also ensured that the Christmas spirit can last long into the new year their energy efficiency.

With Floodlighting and Electrical, the process doesn’t stop with the installation. Our commitment to help communities, clubs, and organisations gain the “Power of Illumination,” we are dedicated to maintaining our clients’ lighting systems, meaning longevity in their product and long-standing confidence in their lighting solution.

Client Testimonial

“Floodlighting and Electrical Services have provided an impeccable service to Cardiff city centre for over 20 years. They offer a consistent service with support prior and post installations. FES has installed the extensive Christmas scheme in the city centre on schedule and to programme without fail, providing a professional and reliable service at all times.”

Cardiff City Centre Management

Paul Williams, City Centre Manager

For more information, or if you would like to discuss a specific project, you can contact us on 01443 226009 or