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Floodlighting & Usk Tennis Club

Floodlighting & Usk Tennis Club

Floodlighting & Usk Tennis Club

Comprised of five tennis courts, Usk Tennis is a family orientated club situated in the small market town of Usk. The club benefits from a friendly community vibe, a dynamic social calendar and some fantastic amenities - including a spacious clubhouse and bar & coaching programmes to suit all abilities.  

Usk Tennis Club Is an award-winning Club having previously won Tennis Wales’  ‘Club of the Year’ and has a growing and loyal membership in all categories.

Usk Tennis Club, which is part of the Usk Athletic Group, has partnered with Floodlighting & Electrical to elevate their identity and to enhance their sporting environment through excellent lighting. This piece will uncover the collaboration between the Club, Floodlighting and Electrical and the Carbon Trust with clear objectives of Usk Tennis’ courts lighting performance and achieving a 50% plus reduction in energy consumption.

The Road to Becoming Official Partners  

At Floodlighting and Electrical, we are passionate about making a difference for our clients and the sporting communities we work within by constructing and evolving environments through great lighting. As well as this, it is so important to us that our lighting solutions are always environmentally conscious.   

We have been on a journey with Tennis Wales to help open up the sport across the country, by improving tennis environments - from grassroots clubs to velodrome stadiums. We are building a long-term partnership with Tennis Wales to create a network of accessible tennis facilities that can be enjoyed by all, all year round.   

Peter Hawke, Chairman and Sean Jones, Head Coach

Improving environment  

As part of that journey, we have been trusted by Usk Tennis Club to measurably improve their tennis courts with great lighting. As their official floodlighting partners, we recently completed a large project with the club whereby we identified their higher running costs and underperforming current lights as two of the main factors fit for enhancement. As well as this, we have provided Usk Tennis with venue signage to further develop their courts.  

Going for Green  

As part of our long-term mission to reduce energy emissions, we have installed new LED light systems on their five courts - to not only drastically improve the light quality but significantly lower the Clubs energy use. Good for the courts and good for the planet!  With a target of a 50% plus reduction in energy, the Carbon Trust were able to assist in the funding of the project, funding that over a medium-term period be 'paid back' due to the lower costs for their energy usage. 

 We are really excited to be Usk Tennis Club’s official floodlighting partners and look forward to seeing our relationship develop both with the club and the members. As a responsible company, Floodlighting and Electrical, will continue to support tennis clubs across the UK to achieve a better-quality lighting environment and at the same time reducing energy and energy costs.