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Caerphilly Tennis Floodlights: Case Study

Caerphilly Tennis Floodlights: Case Study

Caerphilly Tennis Floodlights: Case Study

The background

Caerphilly Tennis Club is a multi-award-winning tennis club offering coaching, playing and competition for all ages and abilities across Caerphilly CBC and surrounding areas. Caerphilly Tennis Club has impressive courts, coaches, and charm but they were faced with one problem - an ageing lighting system and underperforming lights. Funded by Sport Wales’ #BeActiveFund, Caerphilly Tennis Club called upon team Floodlighting to install brand new, LED, tennis floodlights that would allow for longer, safer play, throughout the darker months, and in the UK, we sure have a lot of them.

We are building a long-term partnership with Tennis Wales to create a network of accessible tennis facilities that can be enjoyed by all, all year round and so were thrilled to be brought in to support Caerphilly Tennis Club on this exciting project. For more information on our Tennis Wales partnership, head here to read the full piece.

The process

Floodlighting and Electrical kicked off the project by spending some time understanding Caerphilly Tennis Club’s challenges. The club were dealing with ageing floodlights that no longer performed to their desired standard and meant when the sun went down; play went down.

Floodlighting assessed their location to determine how many floodlights would be needed and the level of light required; including the size of the area to be floodlit.  We were then able to determine the best lighting solution to reduce Caerphilly Tennis Club’s installation and running costs and allow for a greater lighting overall sporting experience…The LED floodlight.

The process began with 4 days spent removing, reinstating, and repairing sections of the fencing that surrounded Caerphilly Tennis Club’s tennis courts. Two Club volunteers lead on this process - loosening connections and removing tensioning wires on the weekend before install. Then, a couple of days later, it was a case of peeling back the fencing to allow our access plant into the court area.

Once the old floodlights had been removed and the courts were suitable, the next step in the refurbishment process was to install the LED floodlights. The process involved:

  • 3 members of team Floodlighting

  • 2 volunteers from Caerphilly Tennis Club

  • Took 4 days start to finish

  • An install of 8 brand new floodlights

tennis floodlights

The Results 

The installation project was a major success and Caerphilly Tennis Club now have 8 brand new LED floodlights. Meaning their club can play tennis for longer under the highest of quality lighting that has the bonus of being totally energy efficient.

We got the floodlights in right in time for Caerphilly Tennis Club’s US Open event, with 22 club members playing under the brand-new floodlights, a competition that wouldn’t have been able to go ahead without high performing, play-enhancing lights. Caerphilly Tennis Club commented that the event was a huge success and “everyone was very impressed with the floodlights!”

With Floodlighting, the process doesn’t stop with the install. As our commitment to help clubs “Step into the Light,” we are dedicated to maintaining our clients’ lighting systems, meaning longevity in their product and long-standing confidence in their sporting environment. We have provided Caerphilly Tennis Club with a maintenance programme that suits their needs and their individual products.

For more information, or if you would like to discuss a specific project, you can contact us on 01443 226009 or